Frequently asked questions

Online jam sessions in the nation's capital

Q: What is this?
A tool to help DC-area musicians connect and play music together, especially during times of social distancing.

Q: Is that all?
The focus at this moment is finding a way for DC musicians to play/practice online with minimal latency during self-quarantine. Hopefully we turn this into an online community of where DC-area musicians can be introduced, eventually meet in person, etc. Maybe even make it a place to discover people and events in the area. Who knows!

Q: I need headphones?
As long as you are using a microphone, yes. If not, you will cause echo or feedback and everyone will hate you!

Q: What’s wrong with WiFi?
In short, the way WiFi deals with multiple people using the airwaves makes it unreliable for latency-critical communication, like this. You’re welcome to try it, but more than likely others will have trouble playing with you. Get an ethernet cable and plug your computer into your router.

Q: Why Jamulus?
The goal is low latency. Jamulus is free and open source, so we can run our own server(s), physically positioned in a geographically favorable location in/around Washington, DC. There are some other services online that offer jamming capabilities and even video, but in the wake of COVID-19, they all appear to be unusable, possibly from excessive use.

Q: Just one jam room?
A Jamulus server is synonymous with a jam room. For another room (genre-specific, private, etc.), another server needs to exist. This is possible but it will start to cost a bit of money each time. We’re waiting to see if interest grows, if Jamulus is even the right platform, and to work out the logistics.

Q: Can my buddy outside of the DC area join?
Nothing is stopping them, but greater geographic distances lead to higher latencies. This goal of this service is to provide DC-area musicians with a low-latency replacement for in-person music making. Therefore we ask that you keep audio participants to the physical DC/MD/VA area.

Q: Can I pay you?

Q: Do you know what you’re doing in running this?
No, not really. Not yet.

Q: I have an idea or want to be a part of this.
Hit me up: